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Important changes SSL

Since 1st March 2018 Certum has stoped issuing and renewing of 3-year SSL certificates.

Fulfilling the highest safety standards we would like to inform that since 1st March 2018 Certum has stoped issuing and renewing 3-year SSL certificates. The decision is resulted from the CA/B Forum recommendation regarding the maximum period of validity of SSL certificates.

Since 1st March 2018, CERTUM has been issuing and renewing Commercial SSL and Trusted SSL certificates in the options of 1 year and 2 years.

We kindly ask all customers who purchase 3-year SSL certificates to complete all formalities related to the issuance of the certificate before 1st March 2018.

How to reissue a 3-year SSL certificate issued in period from 1st March 2017 to 1st March 2018?

Since 1st March 2018 reissue of the 3-year certificate has been valid for maximum 2 years. In order to use 3-year validity period of the certificate, there are reissue in two options:

▸ 1st option- in first year, the reissue certificate will be issued with a validity period of 2 years from the date of issue, which is less than the base certificate.

▸ 2nd option- in second and third year you will be able to reissue the base certificate for the period from the date of reissue to the end of validity of the 3-year base certificate.

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