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ID certificates

How do I forward all the necessary documentation?
After you have sent your certification request, please forward all the necessary documents to CERTUM PCC within seven working days.
  1. by sending us a fax at +48914257422
  2. by sending us an e-mail at
  3. by sending us a letter to:
    ul. Bajeczna 13
    71-838 Szczecin, Poland
  4. Our documents can also be brought in person to our Registration Point.
How long does it take to issue an ID certificate?
Non-qualified commercial certificates are issued after:
  • filling in the certification form;
  • forwarding all the documents which attest the personal details in the form;
The earlier you send all the documents, the quicker you receive your certificate. Normally, you have to wait 24 hours for your certificate to be issued.
What financial security is given by the certificate issuer?
The amount of CERTUM PCC financial security depends on what kind of certificate you have. It is guaranteed on condition that:
  • your certificate has been issued with the wrong personal details,
  • your certificate has been wrongly revoked,
  • your personal details have been disclosed,
  • your certificate key has been cracked,
  • another certificate has been issued for the same key.
How do I renew my ID certificate?
In order to renew your non-qualified certificate you have to go to
Notice: You will be charged for renewing your non-qualified certificate, but it is cheaper than in the event of issuing a certificate.
Can I provide a different email address while renewing my ID certificate?
Yes. You can provide a new email address while renewing your ID certificate. 'Renewal' means issuing a new certificate. It is performed in a similar fashion to receiving a new certificate, but to a certain extent it is easier - if you remember your login and password you can log in as a PCC CERTUM customer and thus avoid filling in the whole form. The last stage of receiving a certificate includes giving your email address. It is at this stage that you can provide a new email address.
What am I supposed to do if the renewed certificate is of an inappropriate kind or bears the wrong expiry date?
This means that the incorrect kind of a certificate was selected in the form. Please create a new certificate. The Silver Certificate is a default certificate selected as 'Personal email'.

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