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What are the available payment methods?
Payment methods in the territory of Poland:
  • eCard payment (card payment, electronic money transfer, PayPal) – by choosing the so-called on-line payment you can pay by credit card, via electronic money transfer or traditional bank transfer. Payment by card or by electronic transfer will result in “almost” immediate reception of your payment and you will be able to start the execution of the order right away. On-line payments at are supported by a settlement agent supervised by the President of NBP - eCard S.A. company.
What should I do if I did not succeed with the on-line payment?

If you failed to make the on-line payment log in to your account and go to the My orders tab. Select correct order from the list and click Pay again.

Where can I find the bank account number to which I should make the payment?

The bank account number of the store will be sent to you in the e-mail confirming placement of the order. You can also find it in details of your order, for this purpose log in to your account and go to the My orders tab.

Will I receive a pro-forma invoice?

For each order with the selected option of traditional transfer or on-line payment a pro-forma invoice is issued. Pdf file with a pro-forma invoice is available in your orders on your account in the store. To download a pro-forma invoice log in to your account and go to the My orders tab.

When will I receive the VAT invoice?

VAT invoice will be issued upon payment for the order, when all goods ordered by you are completed and ready for shipment.

Will it speed up the execution of the order if I send you a bank transfer confirmation?

Sending a transfer confirmation will not speed up the execution of the order, because the condition for its execution is the reception of the bank transfer by our account.

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