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Certum E-mail ID Business (S/MIME)

Join the reliable companies! 

If in your correspondence with business partners you rely on confidentiality, if you care about the security of your company's data, the key to credibility will be the Certum E-mail ID Business! With our product you can change your view on virtual reality and gain the trust of your customers. 

With Certum E-mail ID Business you can send emails without worrying that they might have been modified in any way. This way you can confirm the authenticity of your company online. Conducting business electronic correspondence has never been so secure.  

Our product also confirms identity when logging in to online systems and applications. Certum E-mail ID Business is the highest level of security guaranteed by proper data verification. The certificate is secured by a high financial guarantee.  

The data contained in the certificate:  

  • Name 
  • E-mail address of the subscriber 
  • Organization 
  • Organizational unit 
  • City /Voivodeship /Country 

Your ID certificate is soon expiring and you want to renew it? Nothing could be simpler!

  • Renew your ID Basic certificate with E-mail ID Individual  
  • Renew your ID Enterprise certificate with E-mail ID Business 

NOTE: CERTUM products and services are prohibited for export or re-export to Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba.


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  • new
  • renew
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
Comparison of the main features of
E-mail ID Certificates:
E-mail ID Individual E-mail ID Business
The solution dedicated to Individual Customers Business and corporate Customers
Signing and encrypting e-mails
Confirming your identity when logging in to online systems and applications
Free support of Certum experts
Validity: 1/2/3 years
Email address in the certificate
Name and surname and / or company name in the certificate
Financial guarantee 6 000 € 60 000 €
Compatibility with WebTrust
Supported e-mail clients Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Hotmail, The Bat
Supported web browsers Przeglądarki internetowe wspierające obsługę certyfikatów X.509 v3 (np. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera)
Supported operating systems Windows: 7, 8, 10
OS X: Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan

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Using Certum E-mail ID Business: 

  • you confirm the authenticity of your company online 
  • you prevent falsification of business content  
  • you encrypt confidential messages 
  • you prove the origin of your company's outgoing messages 
  • you safely communicate with business partners 
  • your company is reliable 

Confidentiality: make sure your partners' business secrets are kept confidential 

You certainly use anti-virus software on company computers and use lock passwords when you turn on your computer. There is no doubt that you sign a confidentiality clause with your contractors when you conclude a contract. Are your customers aware that data e-mails sent from your company may no longer be a secret?  

Security: take care of your company's and business partners’ data  

Most probably, your office uses the services of a security company, and the programs on company computers are protected by access codes. But do your customers know that you send their as well as your own data through an unencrypted e-mail? Are you aware of how much risk do you run?  

Reliability: Your brand can inspire trust in the customers 

We are sure that you appreciate credibility in contacts with business partners. That is the basis of any business. Win the trust of your customers. Certum E-mail ID Business ensures full credibility of your brand. Make your business partner feel safe. And you too. 

The data contained in the certificate:  

  • Name 
  • E-mail address of the subscriber 
  • Organization 
  • Organizational unit 
  • City /Voivodeship /Country 

Technical specification:  

  • top quality security through detailed verification 
  • compliant with the X.509 v.3 (RFC5280) standard 
  • secured with SHA2 function 
  • minimum length of cryptographic keys: RSA/DSA 2048 bit 
  • issued by CERTUM PCC in line with international WebTrustSM/TM standard 
  • issued by CERTUM PCC, whose certificate root is automatically recognized as trusted in all the most popular Internet browsers as well as in all  Microsoft products 
  • verification of the certificate status with the use of CRL lists and OCSP protocol is possible 

In the Business version (now Enterprise), extended verification of company data is required, which can extend the time to 24 hours from the moment of sending it to Certum. To verify the user identity, Certum PCC asks him/her to provide copies of the following documents within 7 days: 

  • a copy of the identity document of the ordering person (ID card, passport, driving license, permanent residence card). The copy should be a fully reproduced document (both sides), 

or one of the following: 

  • notarial confirmation of identity, 
  • confirmation of identity at the Registration Point or at the Identity Confirmation Point, 
  • holding a qualified certificate issued by Certum 


  • power of attorney, authorization or employment certificate for the person whose data is to be included in the certificate and if such person represents the entity whose name is to appear in the certificate. 

All collected documents should be sent to Certum PCC using one of the following methods: 

  • by e-mail in the form of a scan to: 
  • by fax to: +48 91 425 74 22 
  • by post to: Certum PCC,ulBajeczna 13, 71-838 Szczecin, POLAND 

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