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Certificate Professional ID

Professional ID Certificate is a public key certificate which differs from Basic ID Certificate mainly in the content of information it stores. Therefore it can be used for digital signing of commercial documents such as quotes, tender offers and agreements, i.e. documents which are of importance to the company and can be used as a tool providing integrity and authenticity to electronic invoices (e-invoices).

Professional ID Certificate provides comprehensive verification of the purchaser's identity and therefore it fully confirms identity of the owner, email address and company details which can be optionally included in the certificate. Personal information included in the certificate:

  • Email address.
  • First name and surname

NOTE: CERTUM products and services are prohibited for export or re-export to Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba.

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  • new
  • renew
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • E-mail encryption (e.g. by Outlook)
  • Advanced electronic signature generation
  • Logging into online systems through WWW (e.g. bank account, web service, account administration, hosting services)
  • Logging into application
  • Reliable identification of the certificate owner's e-mail address in the Internet
  • Safe electronic correspondence, also of business nature
  • Advanced electronic signature
  • Possibility of installation in HSM devices (Hardware Security Module)
  • Contains an e-mail address, first name and last name of a subscriber and optionally a name of the represented entity
  • Issuance within 24 hours of verification
  • Compliant with the X.509 v.3 (RFC5280) standard
  • Secured with SHA2 function
  • Minimum length of cryptographic keys: RSA/DSA 2048 bit
  • Issued by CERTUM PCC in line with international WebTrustSM/TM standard
  • Issued by CERTUM PCC, whose certificate root is automatically recognized as trusted in all the most popular Internet browsers as well as in all Microsoft products
  • Verification of the certificate status with the use of CRL lists and OCSP protocol is possible
The process of verification and the documents required for purchase of ID Certificate are located here.

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