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Open Source Code Signing

The Open Source Code Signing certificate is meant for software developers and publishers who work under the Open Source licence.

Code Signing certificates enable software developers to digitally sign the original code and recipients to verify data integrity. They eliminate the anonymity of applications published on the Internet by including the author's name. They guarantee that the software has not been modified by unauthorized persons or viruses from the time of its signing by the software developer.

NOTE: CERTUM products and services are prohibited for export or re-export to Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba.

Product available as an activation code or as a suite.

Certum Open Source Code Signing Suite contains: USB token combining a smart card reader and a Micro-SD card slot, cryptographic smart card, instructions.

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  • I do not have reader and cryptographic card (Certum Code Signing Suite)
  • I have my own reader and cryptographic card (Activation code)

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