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In order to provide services on the highest level, we are constantly developing. That is why we decided to update our Online Store. Maintenance is scheduled to begin on November 27, 2020 (Friday) at 6:00 PM CET, and will last until November 30, 2020 (Monday) 8:00 AM CET. During maintenance the Online Store will be unavaliable.
Effective November 30th 2020 updated Terms and Conditions of the Asseco Data Systems SA Online Store will go into effect, the full text is available HERE.

Data security Data security

Security in th eInternet is crucial for for growing number of Users. Together with growing awareness of dangers, the expectations are growing regarding the protection of websites visited by the Users, storage of data and money transfers.


  • SSL Certificates

    CERTUM SSL certificates provide security for data transmitted via the Internet and validate the authenticity of websites (WWW servers).

  • Code signing

    Code signing certificate is used for protection of application's code with an electronic signature. Because this certificate includes confirmed details used to identify a software producer, the software code used for its security ceased being anonymous. Additionally, a positive verification of electronic signature ensures the final User that there are no unauthorized changes in the installed application.

  • Certum E-mail ID certificates (S/MIME)

    Certum E-mail ID certificates contain a pair of cryptographic keys and a set of data identyfying its owner, verified and confirmed by a certification centre which issued it. Unqualified certificate is used for electronic signing, coding of data and confirmation of the owner's identity in ICT networks. Trust in the data included in the certificate results from trust put in CERTUM - a trusted certification centre.

    Since 15/05/2018 the Certum certificate has been withdrawn from the Certum offer. If you are a customer of the ID Professional certificate and want to renew it, nothing is simpler! Contact the Certum hotline: +48 91 48 01 300 or email: and receive a certificate of a higher class Certum E-mail ID Business at a special, reduced price.

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