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In order to provide services on the highest level, we are constantly developing. That is why we decided to update our Online Store. Maintenance is scheduled to begin on November 27, 2020 (Friday) at 6:00 PM CET, and will last until November 30, 2020 (Monday) 8:00 AM CET. During maintenance the Online Store will be unavaliable.
Effective November 30th 2020 updated Terms and Conditions of the Asseco Data Systems SA Online Store will go into effect, the full text is available HERE.


What is WebTrustSM/TM

WebTrust is a worldwide standard which determines rules and criteria (good practices) in scope of broadly defined information security in the Internet, wich for the User's protection should be applied by On-line Services Providers. The WebTrust Standard criteria have been defined by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) oraz Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) in 1995 and are under constant development.

WebTrust Mark is awarded to trusted certification offices, which succesfully passed an audit of six basic areas.:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Business Practices/Transaction Integrity
  • Availabity
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-Repudiation


What WebTrust has to offerSM/TM

WebTrust Mark informs the Users that its holder (Certification Agency) is compliant to all requirements as regards on-line security, confidentiality of processed data and security of operations related to on-line communication and eCommerce..

PKI Cerificates issued in accordance with the WebTrust Standard have a status of Trusted in the worldwide scale. They are recognized as Trusted by eg. the most popular OS's (Windows, MAC OS X i inne) and other internet browsers (np. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera). 

CERTUM PCC services with WebTrust certificateSM/TM

owned by Asseco Data Systems SA, General Certification Authority CERTUM, since 2002 is subject to international independent audits and it is the only Polish certification authority offering services compliant with the WebTrust standardSM/TM - and holds the WebTrust Marks, awarded by AICPA/CICA, for all certification services provided related to electronic signature and on-line security:


for certificates
for certificates
Extended Validation

for certificates

Confirmation by WebTrust marksSM/TM for the highest level of certification services provided means that:

  • PCC CERTUM issues qualified and non-qualified certificates (non-qualified including SSL certificates and infrastructures) worldwide recognized as Trusted,
  • PCC CERTUM is authorized to verify internet trustworthiness according with certain criteria, eg. by veryfying whether a certain website holds a confidentiality certificate (it is a published statement on how personal information is being used) and whether the User is able to decide upon the way using this information published on the website. Websites certified by an organization that veryfies internet trustworthiness ( eg. by PCC CERTUM) are entitled to display our SSL Confidentiality Certificate mark on their main page or order forms (np. „Verified by CERTUM” lub „Secured by CERTUM”). 

It occures that some dishonest websites illegally display a logo of thrustworthiness, so it is very significant to check whether a certain website uses the SSL Certificate issued by trusted body and in case of further doubts it is recommended to contact any organization which verifies trustworthiness  (so with PCC CERTUM) in order to check whether this particular website is registered with such organization.

They trust us