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Code Signing

What are the Code Signing certificates for?
Certificates for code signing are used for signing a software code with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology. A PKI certificate which for the sake of clarity we will call a certificate for code signing attests its author's identity, his or her name or/and the details of a company who is its author. As a result there are fewer anonymous applications published on the Internet and the end user can make sure that a piece of software they use has not been modified since it was signed by its author. CERTUM certificates are recognized as 'globally trusted' by the most popular web browsers and all Microsoft products.
What is the procedure for purchasing and generating a certificate?
In order to buy a Code Signing certificate you have to:
  • Go to our online shop, select your certificate and add it to your shopping cart
  • Place your order
  • Provide all your delivery details (invoicing data, delivery address)
  • Select either standard or online payment method and pay for your order.
  • Activate your certificate code sent to your e-mail address specified in the order. You can view your code by going to My account/Electronic codes.
  • Log in to the system used for generating code signing certificates.
  • Send a CSR (certificate signing request) to CERTUM PCC.
  • Send the documentation confirming your identity or company documents.
  • You will receive your certificate at your e-mail address after all your personal details sent to CERTUM PCC have been verified.

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